The spiritual world is a place where as a child I would hide and take fancy in all its beauty and charm. Growing up on the coast of Sydney, I left in my late teens to travel the world and scope the mysteries of what Mother Earth asked of me…to learn and discover the unknown. Much is yet to be learned but there are so many lives one can live…

I currently live on the east coast of Scotland where the Celtic frost brings much inspiration to my work . The rugged coast boasts breathtaking beauty of healing qualities , so needed for spirituality and calm.

I always find myself living near a coast , for the sea in all her formidable fury and wonder is what brings me to her. Her scent, her silvery strands in the moonlight, the moon and ocean, sisters in all wonder, are my guides.

There is always a small element of the sea tucked away in a small place in all my dolls..be it a broken shell button, or mother of pearl…her protection…is always there..along with the main feature of Mother Earth!

Through  wondrous realms , dreams cans be portrayed through art , and this is my way of doing so. Through my dolls, and figures, with protective elements of the earth and abundant organic , spiritual love.

I use organic dyes of onions skins, avocados, beets,spices and tea and coffee. I try to use only natural fabrics and elements but some use of resins and non – natural form have been implemented as well. Pigments are non toxic chalk paints and fabric paints . Hair is silk ,mohair and Bamboo .

All my work is done taken time and in a slow process with no design in mind. I just let the mother breath life to my creations…breath life to what I call ..the Whisperlings..

The Collective theme in the ‘Whisperlings’ is sisterhood where they usually come in two. Such as the first two of the children of the mother ‘Hush’ and ‘Sigh ‘ …just as dark and light and within and without….as to all things having a beginning and an ending. They can be spoken for separately or together.

Apart from the Whisperlings, the Mono -souls are also creation destined to travel alone to protect the spiritual realm.

I started drawing when I was only a child and sketching doll like figures, in school. I reconstructed my own dolls , some not very successfully , making  new clothes and cleaning up their faces for them. Dolls always fascinated me and the mystical world they lived in,and I always tried to simplify them by stripping them of their modern day adornments  or removing their gaudy appearance.

I was lucky to live in an environment with  parents who sewed and loved fabric . Parents who allowed me to have free reign in their workshop and create.. this was the tapestry to my design… the rest is yet to be embroidered….and explored!

With much love and Blessings