Sexing the lake serpent


It was the night you left for the lake..

Apology in your voice .Your deception obvious from your tone. I couldn’t answer nor question , just watch and wait…

You would make another yours and let my body crave for every rejection embedded in my cellular destruction.

I took something that night. . Something strong. Hate and revenge in a little white pill..

And there you were . Lying before me in your soft ways. Your long chestnut hair away from your face. Graceful and angelic. 

Naked before me…I could not move. Just as I moved my hands to touch your hardened body ..

She entered the room. ..younger. Lighter haired..lithe..ready.

I tried to scream but a muffled cry came through the throat of wired sutures.

Horror before me as she stroked my archangels wings…

’he’s mine ‘ I screamed in my head. I looked for something sharp to release my words but all I saw were the pencils left on the marble floor, from your sketching her..

. I looked at you but I was invisible and right then and there all I wanted was to stick those pencils through your eyes.

LOOK AT ME I yelled in my head. Nothing….you hammered her for dear life and I was begging for your touch. Thrusting hips as she moaned in lust . Her blonde locks tickling her breasts and mine were caving in with anguish.

You turned and smiled at me….mocking me.

I relieved myself from the horror, my bladder loosening and the room filled the lake. The sea garden wrapping my legs and I slowly fell to the lake bed.

Tears flooding my soul , your sex a window to my horror where I could not escape.

My eyes a bloody rage …my anger shattering the room like glass in a miriad of shards.

And there he was, just like you, magnificent ! His eyes black like the jets of precious stone. His wings slowly covering me in warmth . Black leathery wings…not white and holy like yours…

‘I’m here my child ‘ he whispered. He was like you in black and suddenly , he was better..and you left my senses.. Bloody and warm his kisses with devouring tongues and poisonous truth.

‘’ Easy child ..this is going to hurt’’ he softened as he wrapped the mutating wings around my breasts and struck into my chest with black talons. He entered me from behind and bled me in all possible ways. His bites and tongue slithering through my throat and chest and into my soul. 

More. I wanted more.

‘’Look , you fool.’’ He ordered. ‘’Look at your angel while he fucks her hard. Be mine and I will only love you’’

The tears drowned in my mouth with his juices as yours were filling her.

I let him completely ravage me and conquer me …I became his!

I woke up the next morning covered in blood , seaweed at my feet. . I was now his and you….fell from grace!


Art work@Cristóbal López.

#Cristóbal López.#erotic#dark#submission#paganpoetry#authorScreen Shot 2018-06-17 at 16.52.53

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