Once, a very long time ago …when I was but a girl, I felt something, someone watching me. And I cannot remember if this spirit came into my life when I was a child or was always there from before…There were times when I spoke to the ethers as my parents said, because they could not see who I was communicating with. Invisible beings I would play with in my garden . My dog, ….he could see. He knew. And so did the plants that made way for this being in the soft air as it came through the garden parting leaves ….

I was seven…I woke and walked the soft ivory carpet we had in our beautiful home, softly tracing with my finger the velvety brocade paisley on the wallpaper.. In trance with what was calling to me. A song, a softness, a light…I somehow managed to reach the high lock on the door, and  wandered out to the Ocean. There she was splendidly round and bright…her breasts touching the ocean in a million silvery strands calling me to follow. He looked at me and took my hand . Black in mist and strong. I smiled at him and let him lead the way. The round lady in the sea with her beautiful face let her moonlight presence shine on me as I stood unafraid in the middle of the road in my long nightgown and my bare feet. I felt a dragging and barking from behind me, teeth ripped into my nightgown and tore me away from her as someone , something grabbed my waist and threw me to the grass pavement , just as a car sped by . My dog, was not on his leash. He was always put into his kennel , with his leash chained. I can’t remember who carried me in. My parents , never wanted to give me details about it. It was hushed.

When I was fourteen the spirit who had taken leave for a while as my teenage years and everyday life took over,  came to me in my dreams. In a different form. He came as the arch angel Michael. In blue linen garments , awash from the oceans wave at his feet, his back to me as his long flowing hair swayed a tinted gold by the sun’s love. His softness was to remove the harsh reality of the damage done to my body by a sickened old man. He took it with him to that beautiful but sky and left a thousand white doves take him to the sky.

The spirit in so many forms would always be there , sometimes silent, sometimes stroking my cheek whilst I slept. Sometimes light and sometimes dark. When my lover took upon other women , he would seep through the shutters like a black mist and spread his wings in a black cloud over my pain. His kisses beautifully dark and yet angelically sinful.

When I spoke of this spirit to my mother  many many years after my first vision, she told me about her vision as a child. Visiting  her father’s small cottage in rural Greece, she remembers a night where she and her siblings where walking in the woods returning from a celebration. Just a wee girl , she remembered very clearly how she stopped as she saw three women dressed in white leaving the village home into the woods , one of them holding a child wrapped in swaddling. One of the women , looked at her. She , spoke this to her siblings who did not see what she saw. She too was chosen. She believes it was her imagination. Interpretations? I have but one…




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