Willing the Wisp

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 10.17.29

Have you come again?

My dearest friend

Like a smokey cloud 

Lift your veil

and bring me sweetly 

tidings of the other life

Im here within you 

And you within me 

like a knot and chain 

Embroidered together 

in our darkest moments

to Kiss a breath of smothered embers

It is there beyond the oceans 

Deep within the inking map of yore

The sea of dragon’s mist 

Yet another journey

I prepare for

I braid my hair and ready the silver

Shining through the foggy pass

and morsel the rites of my last life

to the drum of the singing lad

My eyes and soul protrude my vision 

And run into the crashing waves

I’m on my way to secrets known 

We of the other realm

conjur our magical words 

Of the unnatural , beautiful kind..




#darkpoetry #magical#witchcraft#wisp#conjur#darkness

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