Midnight Sands

As the desert called ,

A strand of silvery sky led 

The walking trance of a dream

Into a path of sandmen sunsets 

And swaying bodies

Centuries before any chains 

Were placed with belief

A smoke of magic with moons engraved

The stars a map to a mystic place of wonderment

Here she stood naked before them all

A queen of knowledge and purity

And they dressed her in smudged eye

And midnight silks adorned in jewels

She was the one true source 

Of all things to be

As wise as the Oud that played the tune

And the fluting melody of the skies above

Slowly , rhythmically calling with no voice

But eyes of amber in a blackened cloud

Only the ready could hear her voice as 

She made love to their senses

And showed them the path of deliverance

The berbers bowed and prayed unto her 

And named her ‘holy one’ for she knew secrets no other could find…




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