Amber hue

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 19.11.57

There is a certain knowledge

From looking to the outside 

While staying in

The velvet of the curtains 

That deepen the sun’s rays 

Into amber hues

The light filtered to keep out

What squints and promotes

The forceful eye

The softness of the linen 

In fragrant wash and fold

to cover the toes

The smile not showing

to hide what others see

And grow a fantasy world 

Voices muffled from the streets 

of semi living beings 

With nowhere to go

A purpose , a sense

And nothing I know 

Is what I breathe

The ringing in my ears 

Is not the flu 

Nor sickness

Merely the thoughts 

From day one of life


As I close one eye

And lay on the side

Where heart beats 

Thumping and flight 

Move to mind 

Of another realm

My world



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