Within and Without



When we look outside our life like a voyeur , I suppose our lives can seem to us like a carnival . Crazy and chaotic in all abnormality . Even from within our lives, our reality doesn’t seem very normal.

The question is, would we really want to change all the crazy ? I know until now that all the loud and all the strange has served its purpose. So has the quiet and the solace. It is the Within and the without of the rhythm of life . The moments where we need our soft muted beige and our loud neon colours that burst into flames in other times. Ok, so we can’t always control when and where , but we can control how we react to it. And then again when we can’t , all emotions are also acceptable. It’s life !!!

I’ve not always been in the mood , to go along with what my family always programme as I’m very much the ” mentally insane” and God knows growing up in a household with an equally  crazy ‘coven’ of three bosses, Mum, Nanny and Older sister, holy moly did I fade into the wallpaper sometimes. And it was quite nice disappearing into the velveteen emerald Paisley .

Nanny left to be married early on and I was quite devastated, she was my protecter of the older two stricter witches. And guardian of my secrets. However, the older witch, my mother , showed me , that all would be all right and mummy would always be there as wise old owls always are. And I cuddled into her soft wise feathers.

Older sister witch another birdie creature of the eagle type, always pecking not to make mistakes and take the right path was always there. And putting me onto the right flight path as Eagles do because Ravens are not right you see. !!

And here we are again all these years later with all our feathers from various flight. I the Raven from so many other worlds with speckles of hidden white , the eagle and the owl in cackling  laughter  of colour and muted greys and beiges. Within and without. One day we will all take our own flight again ,for our own skies.

Crazy birds within and without we will perch together in this crazy world of colourful tapestry, of too much emotion, too much love, too much everything ,to cackle and caw and peck.  Sisters, daughters and mothers in the power of three.





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