Organic Love


As my very first post , I’d like to share a little bit more about myself other than just my love of art dolls through my web site. As an artist , I could hardly say I do only that because that would be a dream come true. I also write , which is also a spare time love!

My day jobs have been , a wide array ,from teaching , to lecturing and cosmetology. !

As a specialist in fragrance , which is what I currently still do, I’d like to say that I have maintained , outside my profession ,an immense love for all things fragrant. For many years in the perfume industry I have steered away  from the ultra commercial and maintained a quality in life with the very basics ,hard to find, or very well made as one might say. I will never advertise nor in print bring about any branding because I believe product is like true love, you believe in what does it for’s a pheromonal experience and a weak at the knees emotion with an olfactory reminder of memories never to be forgotten.  One thing I can say in code as such is that, there are fragrances as a minimalist I always wear, only two…maybe even a third in summer. One my mother wears, is an after the rain memory….for those of you who have perfume knowledge ..and one my sister has forbidden any other member of the family to wear a deep oak moss and peach blossom with the ultimate geisha signatures of all perfumes…mine…an aromatic concoction of undergrowth and mother earth’s wonders for all beautiful human beings to wear from another time…as old as its timeless bottle and as  modern as its undying love with rosemary, lavender and bergamot …certainly a bewitching substance!

Anything that can tickle my nasal  palette will get me going , whether it perfume ,soap or a warm earthy meal . Books dug up in mouldy charity shops . Sharpened pencils, and freshly rubbed oregano from Greece where my mother lives. My son’s t-shirts that have an outgrown childhood smell that have grown into manhood.Mushrooms that still smell of the forest. Thread and twine that have a distinct same smell of wheat or flax when dried…Shamelessly instant coffee with milk in tin coffee cups that remind me of my dad who would make coffee for all of us in our camper van on our fishing trips off the coast of Sydney.

There is nothing in the world that can cause that magickal spark as vividly as the memory of smell. And it is so much more alive in rural areas. The sense of organic lifestyle were the earth is so much more alive. Your nasal passage seems to scream with abundant vivacious energy ..”Give me things to breathe in!!! ” Whereas the city has its gas and cement and restaurants with boiled over fats..and grey melancholy…!

The ocean spray, the seaweed . The grass and trees blowing lightly with the breeze , even the smell of dung from the sheep and cows is welcome of  the organic lifestyle .Ongoing  and into the and returning …

The love of an organic lifestyle is one that you either love or not. And you don’t have to love clutter. Some wood, granite, linen , glass and metal are organic products that can constitute a lovely country design lifestyle in a minimalist accord…just a lot more down to earth and in all its simplicity with so much flavour and scent!




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